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Administrative procedures are considered one of the most significant and widely acclaimed in corporate law matters. The minute you decide to own a business or an investment in Spain, there are numerous stages of administrative procedures that every operational resident or non-resident company is required to complete. BarcelonaDesk can take care of your administrative challenges, contact us and get a quote.

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    Administration services we offer

    We offer administration services for both private and business entities. Our team will effectively work to take care of all your administrative related matters. For example we can help you with:

    • Register for a Tax ID (NIE)
    • Filing your Modelo’s
    • Creating and paying invoices
    • Property and vehicle registrations
    • Registrations with the town hall
    • Incorporating a company
    • Payroll administration
    • And more

    Outsouring your administration will make sure you fullfill all Spanish government requirements and make you fully compliant. Save yourself valuable time, and let us help you.

    As your gestoria, we are experienced in all types of administrative matters. With a proven record of getting our client’s reliable results, our multidisciplinary approach allows our team of vastly trained professionals to take care of all your administrative tasks in Spain.

    Administration for your business

    This service also extends to: the administration of negotiation agreements (including contractual or legal related issues relating to the appointment and composition of the managing bodies), transfer of the registered offices, remuneration systems for senior management and directors, corporate form changes, participation in international and national business structuring procedures (spin-offs, merger, asset transfer, and liabilities); the issue of shares to shareholders, loan issuing or potential corporate conflicts.

    Regardless of the area of operation, or legal entitiy, we can simplify the complexities of your administration. If you need any further clarification on BarcelonaDesk’s general administration services. Contact our firm in Barcelona, our professionals are more than happy to assist with support.

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