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Over ten thousand companies are operating in Spain. Our current economic environment has convinced us that every company needs a trustworthy financial and accounting professional to keep track of their activity to acquire an overall vision of their potential future and promote transparency.

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    BarcelonaDesk is the specialist in the preparation of a full set of corporate compliant financial statements required by the the Spanish tax authorities. We provide financial consulting services to companies that need optimal financial statements. Whether for internal audit or external audit. We strive for value to on stages of finances for business. Our most important aspects we can assist on are:

    • Balance sheet
    • Income statement
    • Review, analysis, and verification of profit & loss account.
    • Cashflow statement
    • Management report
    • Analysis and planning of investment
    • Risk management
    • Issue technical, financial reports about the company’s situation
    • Advisory services in financial matter

    Our financial statement services approach will be tailored to your reporting requirements. These can include monthly reports and company tax requirements. We work with a devoted team of experts to ensure accuracy every step of the way and update you on any discrepancies.

    What you can expect from our services

    Our broad range of services will help you meet financial requirements instated by the tax bodies in Spain. We will follow the company law and commercial code and make sure your company has record of the proper financial documents.

    Next to the financial statements we can manage for you, we can also help you with other accounting services. Our tax professionals draw on their diverse perspectives and skills to give you a seamless service through all the challenges of planning, financial accounting, tax compliance and maintaining effective relationships with the tax authorities.

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