Tax Advisor in Barcelona

When companies don’t use the appropriate tax planning, it can increase their tax burdens. Next to that, they risk of being penalized for going against the law. Get in contact for a quote, and let our dedicated tax advisor in Barcelona help you.

Tax Advisor in Barcelona

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    Your tax advisor in Barcelona

    Our fundamental objective is to take care of your tax matters by advising you before, during, and after executing tax declarations. We can advise on direct and indirect taxation and propose the most appropriate and advantageous tax planning alternatives. Our advice can include VAT groups (VAT-capital transfer tax), monthly rebate systems, proportions, etc. Furthermore, we can help with:

    • Inheritance taxation
    • Real estate taxation
    • Bank proceedings, notaries, mercantile registries, land, and other public bodies.
    • Retention models
    • Financial planning for companies operating in Spain
    • Negotiations and appeal with AEAT

    Additionally, we offer general supervisor accounts, tax filing, bookkeeping, ledger entries, balances, and income statements. We will answer your tax queries and provide taxpayers with legal assistance in administrative claims, appeals of review, inspections, rebate, and response to notifications.

    Get the tax advice you need

    Our tax advisor in Barcelona can help you with very specific tax aspects and requirements. However, we also offer general advice and support when you have questions. Our bilingual tax experts in Barcelona can support you when you need it. We also offer a service to support you with your tax requirements on a continued basis. Our team is ready to talk to you, and you can reach out to us to get a quote very easily.

    For personal taxes, we can take charge of you your yearly tax declarations and returns, and fill out all the specific modelo’s that are required for you by the Spanish Tax Authorities. Our agency has services that cover all the types of different bureaucracy in Spain, so you can relax and enjoy doing greater things.

    For businesses, we can file your tax return within 25 days of the accounting period for you, and make sure your company will be fully compliant. Our team can handle salary administration, bookkeeping, and tax filing. But also commercial contracts, company formation, and labour law.

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