Business Acquisitions and Merger Services in Barcelona

A merger is hard to pull off; working together is essential. Every time a merger happens, you have to consider the pro’s and con’s. We have trained professionals dedicated to guaranteeing the success of your business transfer. Let our lawyer support you through every phase of your M&A transaction.

Business Acquisition Services in Barcelona

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    Specialist in takeover and mergers

    Here are some of the services our lawyers can offer in the field of mergers and acquisitions:

    • Understanding what you want to gain from buying or selling
    • Initial, informal and non-binding surveys and meetings
    • Drawing up a non-disclosure agreement
    • Drawing up and providing an information memorandum
    • Letter of intent
    • Conducting Due diligence
    • Negotiations
    • Signing the so-called sales contract
    • Closing, the actual transfer of shares
    • Protecting you post-completion

    We can assist you with the whole journey of purchasing and selling a business. Contact us if you would like to have an introductionary appointment.

    Mergers and acquisitions

    Selling your company in Spain, or buying a new company is a special occassion. When the SL or SA is transfered, usually shares are taken over. Next to the price, other things should be taken into account as well, such as:

    • If any claims or liabilities from the past can be expected
    • The full picture of what the actualy business is
    • The financial situation of the business
    • The situation of the commercial contracts and employment contracts
    • Warranties and insurances that the seller leaves

    We understand that the situation between the seller and the buyer are sometimes informal at first, and we can be the party to draw up the legal purchase contract, and bring negotations to the next level.

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    Frequently asked questions about Spanish Business Acquisitions and Mergers

    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are considered for many strategies: Business development, partnership, and access to fresh talent and ideas.

    Companies leverage M&A transactions to discover new ways of doing business and to create long-term value. Business acquisition and mergers can help the company grow market shares or provide access to new product distribution channels while boosting revenues through customer-focused initiatives.

    Have faith; there’s nothing we can’t handle, and our trained experts are committed to ensuring that you have the right tailored solution, from due diligence to post-closing activities for your global needs.

    The answer is typically when a need arises. Suppose there is a change in business fundamentals, regulation, globalization, or other competitive forces such as the board of directors and executive management discovering new opportunities. In that case, M&A may become a necessity.

    Yes. Many studies and experience indicate a high percentage of M&A transaction failure when the parties involved fail to realize their expected growth target, synergies, and internal return rates.  However, it’s essential to have a clear goal to meet desired expectations, as the purpose of the acquisition, both at the early stage and throughout the integration planning and execution processes.

    There are several critical M&A phases:

    Growth/portfolio strategy, Due diligence, Integration planning, Integration execution, project management, change management.

    Its total confidentiality and not consulting a professional.

    At BarcelonaDesk, we help you plan and implement to achieve the most significant outcomes of M&E Transactions.

    A variety of expertise is needed to complete a transaction successfully. That includes legal expertise in accounting, human resources, tax, operations, supply chain, risk/compliance management, process redesign, due diligence, brand management, integration planning, and execution.

    There are many considerations in an M&A transaction from a tax standpoint, requiring timely legal and tax advice. Before the early discovery process, legal advice should be obtained on the applicable laws and regulations governing M&A activities.

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