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Buying Spanish property can be a very interesting, fun, and rewarding investment. To make it happen securily our real estate lawyer in Barcelona can help you. When you are new, there are many situations where you can get into burdens if you don’t make the right decisions. Get in touch for property buying management in Barcelona. From the architecture to the legal, and tax procedures involved. Make an appointment, and get a quote for your specific situation.

Real estate lawyer in Barcelona

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    Legal advice on property issues

    The practice of real estate has long existed in parallel with the practice of land law. At the moment, it is closely related to the practice of construction. Indeed, property construction has always been considered a prestigious line of business. Some of the services our property and real estate lawyer in Barcelona can offer include:

    • Registration of property rights for real estate
    • Legislation of re-planning of land in Spain
    • Making sure the property you deal with is legally build
    • Legislation of self-building
    • Real estate contract inspection
    • Property tax advice and management
    • Immigration advice and papers

    Our real estate lawyer in Barcelona is ready to help you with any questions related to the real estate market in Barcelona and Spain. Contact us to get more information, and discover the pricing for your specific situation. Next to real estate law services, we also offer other legal services, accounting services, and business services.

    Working with our real estate lawyer in Barcelona

    We are here to help you and get your investments / relocation in order. Our benefits are:

    • Reliability: If we have agreed to provide you with assistance with real estate issues the work will be done. Thanks to our real estate lawyers’ deep legal expertise, we work without delay and calculate the risks ahead.
    • Simplicity: Real estate and construction are already confusing enough to add buzz or complexity artificially. Our task during legal advice on real estate issues is to clarify the whole situation for you so that the issue’s solution is simple and obvious.
    • Availability: Our real estate lawyers in Barcelona can be consulted by phone, in our office, or in any other way convenient for you. When starting work, we will keep you informed of all news and actions taken.
    • Efficiency: Our lawyers provide services not only in real estate but also in other areas of law. This helps to approach any issue from several sides, and find sometimes unexpected, but more effective and efficient ways out of the situation.


    From buying property to real estate tax

    Frequently asked questions about Spanish Property Law

    First, you will need to draft a lease contract, if possible, with a lawyer, where it will be specified the duration, monthly payment, rights and responsibility of the parties, etc. Then it needs to be signed by a public notary and complete its registration in the “Registro de la Propiedad” or Property Registry. Lastly, you’ll need to deposit the bond in the corresponding Bond Unit of the Provincial Housing Sub-Directorate.

    Of course, the lease contract mentioned before. Other documents that might be required include:

    • License of activities
    • Energy efficiency certificate, mandatory since 2013
    • Business plan
    • Personal documentation, a form of ID
    • Company documentation, such as bylaws

    It is a technical document made by an architect or engineer about the house or premises to be rented that, after a series of measurements and studies of the property, it is assigned a letter from A to G to determine the energy level of it, this is, if it is best or worst prepared from an energy efficiency point of view.

    It varies, but is currently around 150 to 250€ (as in July 2020).

    No, any owner of premises who rents without having this certificate attached to the contract faces a penalty fee between 300 to 6.000€.

    The only exception is when the lease duration is for less than 4 months.

    Yes, an essential part to have is a NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros/ Foreigner Identification Number). The purchase is made before a public notary and presented in the Registro de la Propiedad / Property Registry; it is also possible to make a private sale agreement which is called “Contrato de arras”.

    Yes, property purchase are taxed that increase substantially the price of the premises, these are:

    • Value Added tax/ Impuesto al valor agregado (IVA) -10% of property value.
    • Property Transfer tax / Impuesto de transmisiones patrimoniales (ITP) – 6 to 10% of property value, depending on the autonomous community of the property.
    • Tax on Documented Legal Acts / Impuesto de los actos jurídicos documentados (AJD) – When IVA is applied to the purchase.

    Any capital gain from the sale or transfer of assets located in Spain has a fixed tax of 24% for Non-Residents, being 19%, if it is resident in any other country of the European Union, Iceland or Norway.

    Now, if you’re a resident, you are applied to a scale between 19% and 23% and can also get tax relief if you have lived in the property for at least three years before selling it.

    Yes, the tax implications you need to be aware of are:

    • Property Ownership Tax / Impuesto de Bienes Inmuebles (IBI) – Calculated on the basis of the cadastral value set by the town hall the tax rate goes from 0.4% – 1.1% depending on the Spanish region.
    • Refuse Collection / Exacciones municipales – This is a much smaller tax paid yearly per property, it covers drainage & refuse collection.
    • Personal Income Tax – Non-residents who own property in Spain have the fiscal obligation to declare earnings on their property and pay an annual income tax that varies according to whether the property is rented out (19% for EU citizens and 24% for non-EU citizens) or not.
    • Wealth Tax – Non-resident owners of Spanish property may be obliged to pay wealth tax depending on the value of their Spanish property.

    Yes, if you have invested at least 500.000€ and are a member of a non-EU country, you may qualify to obtain a Golden Visa.

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