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BarcelonaDesk is your legal business service provider in Barcelona. Our team provides you with an thoughtful and insightsful message or plan about business activities that will help you increase your revenue. Expanding to Spain or need some specific tips. We can be your business point in Barcelona.

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    Whether you need legal business advice, financial business advice or general information for your business in Spain. At BarcelonaDesk we can help you on your way.

    You can fill in the form on the right so we can contact you. Our business services include but are not limited by:

    • Employment Law Advice
    • Mercantile & Commercial Law
    • Company Incorporation
    • Establishing a Business in Spain

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    We always try to offer our client the best service. Below a few of our reviews.

    Very happy with the fast and friendly service. Will come back when needed.

    I have had a good experience with BarcelonaDesk. Clear consultation of next steps in the process.

    Friendly and clear information. BarcelonaDesk gave good consultation, and broad me in contact with the right person.

    BarcelonaDesk offers a wide range of Business Consulting services and products.

    Lawyers in Barcelona

    Business advisors in Barcelona, Spain

    The moment you decide to start operating a business in the Spanish market, BarcelonaDesk can assist you regarding several legal procedures and advice to successfully run your business and avoid conflicts in Spain.

    At BarcelonaDesk, we provide specialized legal advice for startups, private companies, and individuals on the most relevant legal business-related issues. We recognize that every business comes with its peaks and valleys, which is why our business consulting services are tailored at creating value for our clients, especially in a complex business environment that is continually changing or globalized.

    Typically, establishing a business or running one comes with a lot of risks, which, in case of failure, entails a big responsibility. Frequently, Spanish business owners are not fully aware of the existence of such risks and tend to make inappropriate decisions that can cause issues in life. On the other hand, we have extensive experience in this regard and can help you. Our mission is to identify and minimize those risks while offering rigorous legal solutions that will advocate our client’s defense, safeguard their rights, and negotiate the interest for agreed implementation. Ready to Contact? Contact us today for business services in Spain.

    Legal and financial business advice in Spain

    We advise companies and individuals in all areas of corporate life. These areas can include business, financial and commercial transactions, corporate deals, incorporation of companies, shareholder advice, employment advice, and establishing a business in Spain.

    Our attention to detail permits us to prepare legal reports and contracts, assuming the defense on issues related to amendments of the bylaws, restructuring director duties and liabilities, equity adjustments, and partnership agreements.

    With BarcelonaDesk providing legal support for business affairs, startup or corporate organization can benefit from several advantages. These include improving the structure of your business, reducing time on governmental and contractual tasks, choosing the best possible tax strategy, and reducing your overall tax obligations. Contact us today if we can help you to get your business in order.

    Financial advice in Spain

    The team of experts designs and executes communication strategies when it comes to corporate finance and restructuring. We advise on operational transformation, debt advisory, and M&A transactions in a variety of sectors. Our business expertise helps us to quickly ascertain the significant issues and act in response to our client’s interest in stabilizing finances and operations. Also, we provide advisory services concerning developing liquidity forecasts obtaining additional financing, improving cash flow management, guiding debt restructuring, and negotiating loan waivers.

    Our office can also take care of your corporate obligations the moment you decide to incorporate your company in Spain. We can support with drafting the articles of association, company registration under the Spanish company regulations.