Payroll Administration Services in Barcelona

As a company, you want to offer your employees reliable payroll. We can assist you with this and handle all your salary administration in Spain. Whether your business is already established, or if your business still needs to form, BarcelonaDesk can support the processing of all of your payroll management and accounting records. We offer a comprehensive service to simplify processes and offer quality. Let us help you deal with social security compliance and payslip distribution to employees in Spain.

Payroll Administration in Barcelona

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    Topics we can help you with

    Whether your business is planning to settle in Spain, or is already settled in Spain. We can support the processing of all of your payroll management and accounting records. Our payroll service can manage, build, and validate payroll procedures, including:

    • Preparation of salary receipts (monthly pays, variable income, payment in arrears, extra cost)
    • Bonus management and hiring incentives
    • Manage banking remittances for salary payments
    • Salary contributions and income tax
    • Manage and validate lists for payroll accounting, made-to-order according to our client’s needs
    • Compliance with TGSS, NISS, SEPE and others
    • Monthly preparation of income on account of annual tax withholdings
    • Advice on expat labor matters
    • Reports (hiring due dates, salary information, contributions and income tax).

    We offer a comprehensive service of quality labour advice and administration, that will also make you compliant. Contact us if you would like any more information.

    Benefits of outsourcing to us

    The most significant benefit of a payroll service is that business owners can now focus on other aspects of running their business. Furthermore, your company can benefit of our payroll management because it will help maximise the employee’s potentials, actively engage your workers, and become more productive to build a better and happy workforce.

    We are familiar with the country’s labour laws and proper registration with the national trade registry, the Registro Mercantil Central (R.M.C.). Whether you are looking for practical solutions to win challenging payroll developments or pay your employees and maintain compliance with the Spanish labor laws. You can rely on us to manage your Spanish Payroll Administration needs. So if you need help, get in touch with us today.

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